The Importance Of Anti Chafing Gel For Runners

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Are you familiar already with using anti chafing gel for runners? An even more important question is have you ever wondered why the makers of relief from this common problem often target athletes, especially runners and bikers? Let's start with learning about chafing itself.

Chafing can be described as a skin irritation caused by friction. The main contributing factors to chafing are sweating and rubbing. This is exacerbated by wearing non-wicking fabric thus retaining the moisture concentrated in one area. It can occur in many places, but most often occurs in the inner thigh area, the underarms, or the chest. Another name for the inner thigh chafe is chub rub, but is a misnomer because even skinny people can get chub rub and the impending misery chafing results in.

When it comes to chafing, prevention is always the key. Some of the best ways to prevent it is through staying dry, wearing the appropriate clothing, and using an appropriate lubricant specifically for the prevention of chafing. Loose clothing, while it's comfortable for daily living, can be a huge contributing factor to the discomfort of chafing. Basically, skin tight moisture wicking clothes while running, biking, or any other activity can help with ensuring better comfort and convenience.

Using an appropriate lubricant, like an anti chafing gel for runners, is surely another way to ensure comfort during exercise. These are often made from various chemicals. With so many on the market and individual preferences varying greatly, it is important to recognize that it's not a one size fit all kind of purchase and while they may all work, everybody will have differing opinions of them.

Treatment of chaffed skin is more difficult than prevention. The best way to heal is by allowing the area to breathe. Unfortunately, the majority of areas affected are the ones not appropriate to be shown in public. The majority of healing needs to be done in the comfort of one's own home.

In addition, there are ointments that aide in healing the damaged area. While they are not necessarily helpful for prevention, they do expedite healing time. Unfortunately, this is a very painful condition where lack of movement of the affected area is the best treatment that can be done.

Athletes and couch potatoes alike, may all be afflicted with chub rub at some point in time of their lives. While often the rash is caused by different reasons, it is painful nevertheless. For this reason, it is always important to remember that prevention is a key factor in dealing with it. Therefore, appropriate clothing and anti chaffing gel for runners should be considered two of the easiest ways that people can be proactive about this uncomfortable condition.

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The Importance Of Anti Chafing Gel For Runners

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This article was published on 2010/11/26